Homeowners in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana
If you own a Dominion Home and wish to:
  • request information about your home,
  • submit a claim for consideration and review under any potentially applicable warranties,
  • obtain information on the transferability of any remaining Limited Structural Warranty,
you may do so in writing only via email or US Mail.
Please be sure to include all of the following: your name, your contact information [telephone number(s) and email address(es)], the complete address of the home your question or concern is in relation to, and specific details about your inquiry, as well as any related photographs or supporting documentation, if applicable.
Please submit your written request via email to customercare@dominionhomes.com

or via US Mail to:
Dominion Homes, Inc.
PO Box 23404
Chagrin Falls, OH 44023
A representative will respond to your inquiry. (Please note: incomplete addresses will prevent delivery of mail.)